Computerized Color Paint Matching

Bring in a dry paint sample (Size of a quarter or larger) and we can color match it for you! 

Window Shade Cutting

Bring in your old shade or the measurements of your window and we will cut a new shade for you! 

Pipe Cutting and Threading

Bring your measurements, we will cut it for you.

Copies and Faxes

See the cashier for copies and faxes. 

In-Store Commercial Charge Accounts

We offer standard in-house 30 day accounts, as well as once-a-month total of invoices charged to  your credit card with all  receipts mailed to your house or office. 

Glass and Plexiglass Cutting

Need a window pane replaced?  Bring in your measurements and we’ll cut the right size for your frame.

Expert Key Cutting

 Our staff has trained experts to make sure your keys work every time. Choose from most key blanks, even some fun ones. 

Carpet Cleaner Rental

Rent our carpet cleaning systems to get those deep carpet stains. Photo ID and credit card required for 24 hour rental.

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling 

We are one of the drop off locations for the City of Lowell. Recycle  your light bulbs with us! 



AG Hardware was opened by Andre Gagnon and his wife Julie in April of 1954.

After securing space and completing a major cleaning (previous business was a donut shop), AG officially opened on April 22,1954. Over the years, it has grown to more than ten times the original space, and now carries over 19,000 items in stock and can special order more than 100,000 additional items.
The current second-generation owner is Louis Gagnon, youngest of Andre's four sons. The store is currently managed by his daughter, Amy Gagnon.
AG Hardware caters to homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, and landlords. We have knowledgeable salespeople who are eager to help. We carry a large mix of hardware, plumbing, electrical, tools, lawn & garden, cleaning supplies, and a complete paint department, including Benjamin Moore and Valspar.

We stock basic lumber and insulation. We offer standard in-house 30 day accounts, as well as once-a-month total of invoices charged to your credit card with all receipts mailed to your house or office.

Kitchens by AG is our kitchen and bath showroom located on our second floor. It features kitchen cabinets and counter tops, bathroom vanities, tubs, toilets and any other items you might need for your kitchen or bath renovation.

Stop by AG Hardware today! 



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